Our team makes Sustainable Interiors what it is. We pride ourselves in hiring the right people and having those right individuals in the right positions.


Dedicated to customer service and being solution oriented, you can be sure that at Sustainable Interiors you will be well taken care of. 

We pride ourselves in hiring the right people and having those right individuals in the right positions. This ensures excellent customer service and quality workmanship. We have a professional office staff made up of dedicated Business Developers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, and Bookkeepers, as well as an incredible team of technicians. We hire those that exemplify our seven core values: Service, People, Excellence, Wisdom, Stewardship, Integrity, and Leadership.

Dana Pittman

(800) 261-9930 x701

Colin Higginbottom

(800) 261-9930 x702

Alyssa Billings

Director Of Operations
(800) 261-9930 x703

Timothy Evans

(800) 261-9930 x706

Jud Lentz

(800) 261-9930

Ryan DeVore

(800) 261-9930 x717

Chad Graham

Business Developer
(800) 261-9930 x713

Allan Shive

Project Technician
(800) 261-9930 x707

Jason Spady

Project Technician
(800) 261-9930

Ken Peth

Business Developer
(800) 261-9930 x724

Kyle Yeaman

Project Superintendent
(800) 261-9930 x723

Jack Hartman

Business Developer
(800) 261-9930 x704

Anthony Perez

Business Developer
(800) 261-9930 x705

Brandon Pettitt

Project Superintendent
(800) 261-9930 x728

Kathy Xayavongsa

Project Coordinator
(800) 261-9930 x720

Erica Holaday

Project Manager
(800) 261-9930 x714

Kate Smith

Project Manager
(800) 261-9930 x711

Melissa Holaday

Project Manager
(800) 261-9930 x710

Alyca Marino

Associate Project Manager
(800) 261-9930 x712

Jesse Nordstrom

Project Manager
(800) 261-9930 x727

Hannah Davis

Project Coordinator
(800) 261-9930 x729

Jarid Maker

Project Superintendent
(800) 261-9930 x721

Mike Bowers

Project Superintendent
(800) 261-9930 x716

Mike Morrow

Warehouse Logistics
(800) 261-9930 x700

Teresa Marth

Office Manager
(800) 261-9930 x709

Melinda Maker

Finance Manager
(800) 261-9930 x708

Brittany Freel

Office Administrator
(800) 261-9930 x722

Randi Miller

Office Administrator
(800) 261-9930 x725

Bourn Shafer

Office Administrator
(800) 261-9930 x0