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Minority Construction Firm Of The Year

We were nominated Minority Construction Firm of the Year by our good customer Howard S. Wright. Dana and our Portland team graciously accepted the award at the Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week luncheon. While we enjoy offering our customers the benefit of small business set-asides, this award exemplifies our commitment to service, excellence, and integrity. In our opinion, service is more than just fulfilling the duties of the contract – it’s going the extra mile and anticipating our customers’ needs.

Excellence isn’t perfection – it’s handling our projects with great care, setting installers up for success, and inspecting our own work. Integrity isn’t just doing what’s right when no one is watching, although that’s part of it – it’s also being competent at our craft. This award is an honor to us, because it shows that our customers recognize the effort we put into leading and managing our projects. The SBE certification is simply a bonus. The small business certifications we hold include the M/SBE certification in Portland, WOSB (woman-owned small business), VOSB (veteran-owned small business), SBA certified small business, and the federal 8(a) certification.