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Our Story

We provide interior solutions, including flooring and other finishes, to direct customers and general contractors. We understand administration, safety, project schedules, LEED reporting requirements, and finding the right products to meet your design intent and budget.

In 2005 Dana Pittman and Colin Higginbottom founded Sustainable Interiors. Starting on Fort Lewis, WA (now JBLM) primarily, the first ever Sustainable Interior Showroom was developed. From Fort Lewis and a Sustainable mission, we began to branch out into Oregon, California, Montana, and now Hawaii, Nevada, and Colorado. Most of our first projects performed were federal contracts and GSA contracts. We then began to take on large projects with general contractors, higher education contracts, and now urban development projects. Today we are experts in all of these areas.

"At Sustainable Interiors, we embody holistic sustainability and it is a part of everything we do."

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